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Coming December 4, 2022

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SoulWriting presents a Zoom writing retreat, Reflecting 2022: Gifts Given, Gifts Received. The gift SoulWriting provides is both given and received. Joining together to write in this sacred community allows us to discover and explore what is meaningful in this very present moment. We can express our joy and our sorrow; our fear and our love. And when another SoulWriter steps up to read, we can all connect with new words, new thoughts, new feelings – again receiving an unexpected gift of personal growth.

Our December 4th SoulWriting retreat will have us writing and sharing for eight hours, from 9:00 am until 5 p.m. Petee, Elizabeth, Jessica and Tammy will each present prompts to spark your writing. There is no experience necessary to share your soul! Any writing style is welcomed in, stream of consciousness, a story, poetry, journal entry or just thoughts! You can decide what you want to write. No one checks your spelling…or your grammar. We write, we read, we share our feelings and thoughts. We learn about ourselves and one another. Our issues come forward; we process our lives through SoulWriting. We express ourselves! We create! This is a gift worth reflection!