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After the Hours

it is with anguish i live each day

waking with original pain and

my insanities

inhibiting my wholeness

blocking my growth

my simplicity to live in balance

with the rest of the world

even my creativity

i am visionary

i do know too much

i do feel too much

my poetry leaks out

oozes word by word by phrase

to make claim

to make sense

revealing to me each lens

through which i see

it is all i can do with ease


finding solace in words exposing

my uncomfortable spaces

crying out to others who can hear my

angst and reach to me with

a feeling of connection

to touch their own


thereby acknowledging my soul

allowing me to feel myself

…just barely breathing

petrina February 2, 2003

I wrote this in 2003, after seeing the movie called The Hours. It left quite an impression on me. This is an example of a prompt driven writing. In SoulWriting, each week, we write from prompts to open us up and let ourselves feel who we are. We write and then we share. We do this just about every week. And it is a great therapeutic healing experience.

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