About TheraPetee, PLC

Petrina McGowen, MA, LMFT, RDT - TheraPetee PLC invites you to experience individual, couples or family therapy; classes, workshops and performances - all focused on discovering the true and authentic Self, living in love - healthier, happier and more passionately in the present moment of your life. Today, Petrina is working both online doing Telehealth sessions and in office, face to face following Covid-19 guidelines.

Marriage & Family Therapy
Couples, families and individuals work to heal and transform their lives, learning to communicate and live in love.
Soulville Spiritual Community
Practicing transpersonal psychology, marriage & family therapy and drama therapy we are a community of practitioners loving and guiding people to wholeness.
Creative Arts Therapy
Classes, workshops and performances allow creative expression and healing. Check for upcoming events.
Drama Therapy
As a Nationally Registered Drama Therapist, I teach and utilize effective drama methods in my work as well as teach improvisation, acting and more!
Using prompts and conversations, we delve deeply into our psyches to write from our wounds and our histories. We write. We share. We grow. We heal.
The Imagination Process
I am on the Therapy Team for The Imagination Process - a 21 week group healing and transformation process.
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