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SoulWriting is...

  • your opportunity to discover, explore and express your deepest thoughts, feelings and ideas;

  • a class that has been going on for 25 years, encouraging personal growth through writing;

  • a sacred space of gathering with a kind hearted, safe and loving community;

  • currently meeting on Zoom weekly;

  • prompt led by our great team of teachers- therapists, life coaches and channels;

  • time and energy spent writing right in the present moment of each weekly experience;

  • an ultimate moment of self validation as we each read aloud what we have written, hearing how others resonate with our words.

We write poetry, prose, stream of consciousness or just thoughts, each person writing however and whatever bubbles up. There is no experience necessary to write in our classes. We support each other. We evolve as a community, coming to know ourselves, growing personally and communally. It's a beautiful thing.

Monday Night Class Packages!

Update 3 SW collage.png

We request an energy exchange for each class, a scale of $15-$25 paid to the facilitator. Payment platforms vary and will be clarified by each teacher through class invitation after registration.

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