SoulWriting 2021



7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


In Person @ Soulville & ZOOM

9:00 am -  11:00 am

What is SoulWriting?

SoulWriting is your opportunity to discover and express your soul. This class has been going on for 20 years, people gathering together in community to write and to share what is deep inside.

In our current social climate, we have moved our teaching stage to the ZOOM platform. It is a marvelous venue where prompts are presented; time and energy spent writing right in the present moment of each weekly experience. And then, with loving kindness and gratitude - sometimes with a new found voice, we read aloud... we share. We hear poetry, prose, stream of consciousness or just thoughts, each person writing however and whatever bubbles up. We support each other. We grow as a community, coming to know ourselves, growing personally and communally. It's a beautiful thing.

Change is always the catalyst for growth! This year we introduce a new form of SoulWriting. Joining Petrina McGowen on Monday nights are three wonderful facilitators, each taking a week every month to guide the participants with skill, unconditional positive regard and always love! Please know that Jessica Alton, Elizabeth Papp Stinson and Tammy Zumbo are excited to become a part of this new team.

Monday Night SoulWriting Facilitators:
1st Monday of every month -
Petrina McGowen
2nd Monday of every month -
Elizabeth Papp Stinson
3rd Monday of every month -
Jessica Alton
4th Monday of every month -
Tammy Zumbo
SoulWriting Fees:
We ask you to pay what you will between $15 and $25 per session. Each teacher will invoice/accept your fees during their classes. 

Every Monday night we will meet on the ZOOM platform. With your registration and weekly fee, you will receive an email invitation to join the class. The room will open between 6:30 and 6:45 so that we can all visit and get settled. Bring your writing tools, a pen, a paper (preferably a notebook or journal). Get your cup of tea and join this compassionate and loving group as we write from a weekly prompt and share with each other. See you there!

I f you are coming on Thursdays, you will also register online and an email will be sent with fee information and the Covid protocol if you are coming into the building. For those on Zoom, doors will open at 8:45. This is an exciting growth for the class and I look forward to seeing all of you each week!

                                                                                    Love and Peace,