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SoulTalking is happening every 5th Monday out of our SoulWriting Classes. 

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SoulTalking is live reading of the authentic and vulnerable writing - poetry, prose, thoughts, stream of consciousness - written within the therapeutic class SoulWritingTM offered by TheraPetee, PLC.

We practice the creative arts as we heal, writing our stories, expressing the feelings and the traumas, the healing and the growth. Reading these pieces out loud, owning these pieces as part of Self,  allows the reader/writer and an audience to feel, to grow and to find compassion for their fellow humans. 

One of our regular writers said, "[There's] something very wonderful about being witness to somebody's truth..."

You are welcome to join us for this special event we hold every 5th Monday in the year. Our writers are eager to share. Although there is no fee for this event, we ask for a donation towards scholarship for our January Writing Retreat. Please register here to gain entrance to SoulTalking.

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last chance this year...
November 29, 2021
7-9 pm ET on ZOOM

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