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Oh Divine Mother

Rounded out - more a fairy godmother

than a

Goddess of Divinity taut with standing

tall and courageous.

She shows her wisdom through the

Sparkle and crinkle in her eyes, the

Wrinkle in her smile, her quiet words.

She shows her love through acts of

kindness for the people in her tribe and

strangers still along her path - listening,

wholly present.

She shows her beauty in her well-

roundedness - smoothed out from all her loving

over time

her laughter - warm, deep, full.

She is so within me now

holding me up . . . strong enough -

holding my hand - gently, compassionately

guiding me this way and that - her inner

knowing comforting me. Always loving.


attentive to my needs and desires. Never tired of


She is Divine Mother.

Reminding me.

I am right here.

I decide.

Mother's Day 2021


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